Jul 18, 2014 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

This past May, my daughter graduated from college which whipped my attention around to the future–hers, and my place in it.  As I saw the years unfold before me, I noticed that at age 59, I couldn’t see ahead indefinitely.  I saw the pavement end, and I saw it very clearly.  This was even more stark than the vision I had at 49.

So I decided that I wanted my next 30 years to be my best.  By that I mean my most productive and most active.  I still have lots to do, especially with my kids, so I will need maximum strength and excellent health.  I just learned to kayak (LOVE IT!) and I still haven’t done any snowboarding, and who knows what else?

I work pretty well within the framework of specific goal-setting.  So a strength training certification made sense to me.  It’s a test with a date on it. I’ve chosen Kettle Bells as the ultimate strength test.  The cert I’m doing is called StrongFirst.  That’s the premise–if you’re strong first, you can do anything. I know a coach will get me to my goal faster and safer, and I’m off to my first workshop tomorrow.  When I take the certification exam (it’s 3 days long!), I intend to pass it the first time!

I won’t be ready before my 60th birthday.  But that’s ok.  It’s a journey.

I’ve already started the training and I can tell you it’s different training like this at my age.  So far, I am strictly eating and sleeping–no BCAAs or supplements.  I will, however, experiment as I go, because right now, the recovery period between sessions is a too long for my schedule!

Are you interested in joining me on this voyage to absolute strength and health?  I will blog regularly about it, but you can also join me in the studio.

If you’d like to become kettle bell strong, let me know.  (By the way, one of the side effects of kettle bell training is a pain-free, awesome body…)  I am offering a small group training program, Strong Together, which will meet on Saturday morning from now until ?.  (You will do homework during the week.)  Reach out to me at the studio and let me know if you want to join.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll root for me and wish me luck!