Are Masks Safe to Wear While Working Out?

Are masks safe to wear?  Can you really wear one while working out? First of all, let’s be clear. Most people are only wearing masks for an hour–or less–at a time and they can definitely breathe as they sit in a waiting room, stand in a line, or walk through a store. (I’m not talking about

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Are We OK?

Did You Know You Were Running a Marathon? Before you read the rest of this, I just wanted to say we have a collection of free recipes on the CoreMatters website Home page that you are welcome to cruise through if you’re looking for something new to make at home.  Go to the Welcome Kit  tab on

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Hurricane COVID-19

  It’s Like Being Hit By a Hurricane…   Before I moved to Georgia, I lived through 10 hurricane seasons in Florida and experienced storms every season, Categories 1-5.  Luckily, only one Cat 5 for me.  But the scenario was always the same. I could see it coming, I knew approximately when it would arrive,

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My Doctor Says I’m Just Getting Old…

Has your doctor ever said that to you?  It makes my blood boil. Someone tells me nearly every month that their doctor said their knee/shoulder/joints/etc. are achy or hurt because they are just getting old.  Even worse, they’re told to get used to it. What?? Wait—I’m older than your doctor! Getting older is a fact, but it’s

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Are you feeling burned out?

Better question:  Who ISN’T burned out? It’s a pretty common theme as the responsibility of work and life pile up. Especially as we age and find ourselves carrying the weight of children and our parents on top of our jobs. Companies are getting leaner (which means more work for us), our schedules are jammed as

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We Earn the Body We Have

By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters What does that mean? It means that we are a product of our injuries, our training, our compensations, and our accumulated thoughts and movements over our lifetime. It’s a basic law of bio-mechanics, the Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand principle (SAID). When we sit more than an hour

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How I trained for my 30-mile bike ride: NOT!

By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters I knew about this trip for months. I planned it myself, with my daughter and son-in-law. I knew she wanted to rent bikes and ride “around” on the Dingle peninsula in Ireland. “Thirty-miles” was never a part of the conversation…but honestly, I should have known these Pacific NW

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Are you over 50?

By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters “If only I could fit in my clothes—or  just feel like myself again!“ Sound like you? I know exactly how you feel. Once I turned 50, everything changed. I realized I was counting fewer days ahead of me than behind and suddenly, an old prayer began to haunt me:  Let me not

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How Do We Measure Success?

Lately, I’ve been noticing ads for fitness programs that promise things like bikini bodies or getting ripped or losing 15 pounds–all in only two weeks. Those sound like goals, but my first thought is: What’s next? After you get that ripped, 15-pound lighter bikini body, what’s the next target—a smaller bikini? My second question is

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Preventing Cancer: It’s Never Too Late To Start

Here’s a thought to wrap our heads around: We now know that NOT exercising is actually a risk factor for cancer, like smoking. For over a decade, research has shown that exercise is a protective factor for preventing all kinds of conditions and diseases including cancer.  But recently, the anti-cancer effect has come into focus.

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