Jan 09, 2020 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

…you’ve spent the last few weeks immersed in your friends and family.

Between the parties, the meals, the shopping, the gatherings, you haven’t had much time for taking care of yourself.

This week, it’s kind of our national week of personal reflection.  And that’s a good thing.  Take the time to know what you want out of 2020.

Consider the alignment of your needs and your actions.  Your wants and your goals.  Your spirit and your spending.

Do you need any course corrections this year?

When you get to the part about taking care of yourself, if you find that you’d like a smaller, more personal workout experience in a locally-owned, neighborhood studio, consider us.

We help our clients help themselves.  This Spring, we’re offering another series of essential oils workshops, and we’ve even found a healthier choice for our wine drinkers!

Why? Because our clients are Doers.

Our clients take bike tours of Viet Nam, ride in bike races, chase grandchildren around and play with them on the floor, kayak, hike, rearrange furniture, paint their kitchen cabinets and generally stay strong.

They never say no to what life offers them.

And when someone comes into class one morning with a sore wrist from doing yard work, or a sore hip because they crashed their bike, or a back that’s bothering them but they don’t know why, or virtually anything else, we can on-the-spot modify their program—or send them home if necessary.

That’s because we don’t spend money on an advertising campaign or gimmicks.

Instead, we spend our money and time on educating ourselves so that we can continue to give our clients the best service possible.

If that aligns with what you’re looking for, give us a call:  (404) 435-6367 and we’ll schedule your free consultation so we can learn more about each other.