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Our bodies are absolutely incredible.  When we take care of them, we cannot get sick.   Here’s the secret: the only things that makes us sick are malnutrition and toxins.

Malnutrition? In our super-sized world? Absolutely.  We are calorie-rich, nutritionally poor.  The thing is, we’re built to eat living food, foods that contain enzymes and micro-nutrients.  But look at our food production methods: animals raised on fat farms full of anitbiotics and growth hormones (can you say steroids?), fruits and vegetables bathed in poisons and chemical stimulants and planted in exhausted soils devoid of living micro-organisms; and all of these toxins end up where? In our water supply and eventually in our drinking water and our seafood.

And then we take these foods and process them. Make them white. Simple. Storage-ready. Microwave zappable. By the time we put them in our mouths, they bear little resemblance to their origins. And little nutrition for our bodies. As Thomas Moffett said, “We are digging our graves with our teeth.”

Besides the obvious poisons we consume, we also poison ourselves with stress, sleep deprivation, inadequate water consumption, lack of movement.  Can we change this? Absolutely.  Is it easy?   Well, no.  But as Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or not, you’re right.

For some help, check out J. Michael Zenn’s extremely concise and readable book, The Self-Health Revolution .

You’ll find it at Whole Foods, hopefully while you’re buying some….