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What Others Have to Say About CoreMatters

Personal Training

“This summer (2014), at 66 years old, I recognized that sitting at a desk all day working at a computer and playing a round or two of golf each year was not a healthy lifestyle. I knew I needed to make a change, but did not know how to go about it. Then, fortunately for me, I met Ann-Marie. She was presenting a lunch-and-learn about stretching and exercises we could do at work. Soon after, I won a drawing for a complimentary month of individual personal training at CoreMatters with Ann-Marie.”

“The first thing Ann-Marie did was casually sit down with me and ask me what I wanted to achieve and why. We talked about my lifestyle, health status, and desired quality of life. She then shared her philosophy on living a healthful life. I was more than a little nervous about committing to a regular schedule of workouts because I didn’t know what to expect of myself physically or mentally. She confidently assured me that she would develop a program geared toward my needs and abilities.”

“Since starting my program at CoreMatters, I have gained strength, balance and confidence in my ability to make even greater strides. Through a regular and strenuous regimen of workouts varied to address my individual needs, Ann-Marie has taught me that there is always room for improvement but that I should appreciate my accomplishments. At times I felt I had reached my physical and mental limits, but Ann-Marie always found a way to keep me engaged.”

“I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about or unsure of beginning a program to improve their fitness and health to talk to Ann-Marie. She will listen to you, be honest with you, and help you improve your life.” Chuck S., age 66

Jeanette L Wedding

“Agreeing to sign up with CoreMatters was one of the best decisions I made a year before my wedding!. I wanted to look my very best for the big day. Ann-Marie asked what we wanted to focus on and helped my Mom and I achieve just that. She not only trained us in her studio but also provided us with at home workouts and nutritional guidance. The results I received were amazing and am so appreciative for everything Ann-Marie did for my mom and me.” Jeanette L. (Newlywed)


“I had so many injuries that my fitness level had decreased substantially. I was frustrated and depressed. I needed someone who knew what they were doing to help me get my strength back. While at CoreMatters, I developed better body mechanics. I learned that I was compensating form during my own workouts, resulting in more pain and setbacks, specifically in my knees and low back. So I was in a vicious cycle. I also learned some exercises to strengthen my weak areas, and some new ways to stretch and/or relax the muscles that sometimes spasm.  Ann-Marie is so knowledgeable. She notices every, tiny compensation going on and corrects it immediately. She made me very aware of how to properly distribute my weight on my feet, as well as how my back should feel during certain exercises (balanced vs. tense.)  If you’ve had chronic injuries, CoreMatters is worth the investment. You will gain so much valuable information about your how your body is meant to move both during a workout and in everyday living.” Debbie P., age 55

“I highly recommend CoreMatters to everyone who wants to strengthen their body and core, especially for women over 40. I have worked with several trainers over the past 20 years and I believe Ann-Marie is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. Her understanding of anatomy, physiology and the human body is many levels higher than other trainers. She individualizes each client’s program to fit their unique needs and issues. I feel stronger and better than I have in several years and I credit Ann-Marie with my success. She is a great motivator, teacher, core trainer and professional woman. She is tops in her field!” Maria T. (LPN)

I signed up for Personal Training at CoreMatters 4 months before the TransRockies Challenge–a 7-day, 600K mountain bike race in the Canadian Rockies. I had hoped that I could increase my core strength and alleviate the back pain I had experienced from being in the saddle for up to 8 hours at a time. The training at CoreMatters not only enhanced my back strength so it was not an issue during the TransRockies race, but also increased my overall riding capability and strength!” Brian K.

“I found the time I spent with you to be essential to understanding the mechanics of my body and helpful in staying motivated to keep training. Thank You” Pia E.(Water Aerobics Instructor)

CoreMatters is a private studio that provides a tranquil escape from the hustle of my daily routine. The expert guidance of Ann-Marie, along with the variety at CoreMatters has created a strong, toned, flexible body for me.” Susan W.

21-day Fat Loss Challenge

“I thoroughly enjoyed your course for many reasons. I liked the fact that the class was small enough that we all got individualized attention as if we were doing one-on-one personal training. Especially important was your depth of knowledge, caring and consideration for our different ages, body challenges such as weak knees and ankles, and your gentle approach – no gym dudes! I also appreciated how you worked around our short falls (straying from the recommended meal choices, not doing our homework, etc.) and always offered a kind response so that we wouldn’t feel too guilty. I look forward to taking another 21-day Fat Loss Challenge soon.” Julie F.

“I loved the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge at CoreMatters. It gave me more strength and muscle definition. I have recommended this program to several friends.” Gina S.

“I enjoyed the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge and gained more upper body strength! I recommend this program – we all need more core strength and fitness! Kathleen H.

After the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge at CoreMatters, ” I found a I had more energy and was stronger. I enjoyed the program and would recommend others give it a try!” Catherine D.

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