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All Things Core

Are you ready to start living a stronger, healthier life? Work on your “Functional Longevity” with us. We offer Private Training, Small Group Fitness, SFG Kettlebells, ChiRunning & Walking workshops, and more. The body you have is the body you’ve earned by the way you eat and move. Want a different body? Talk to our Health Solutions Experts. Schedule your consultation today at our private Historic Roswell studio and together, we’ll figure out the best path to your goals. All programs are by appointment only.

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If you’re not ready to schedule, please enjoy our E-book, Diet Industry Secrets, or test your fitness with The Sit-To-Stand Test by downloading here.





Every year, our Historic Roswell Challenge clients lose hundreds of pounds of fat by eating food they chose! Kickstart your body’s metabolism in 28 days. Our custom program designed for YOUR body, is a fun contest (with prizes!), an education, and our introduction to the Balanced Habits for LIFE eating program. Lose fat while you learn how to really eat for YOUR body and YOUR life. We support you every step. Sign up today for the next 2018 KICK START (May 2018) and before April 30, you can save $49Get in on the fun AND burn fat while eating the food you enjoy.

Learn to be StrongFirst!

The BEST core workout on the planet is here at our Historic Roswell Studio of Strength! Begin your Kettle Bell practice with our Certified StrongFirst Girya Instructor. The SFG method is Russian “hardstyle,” which produces maximum results in minimum time.  An SFG practice will fix your back, shoulders, knees, and improve performance in all sports, especially golf, football, running and tennis.  It will just plain make you stronger than you’ve ever been. The Intro Workshop is your first step into our specialty program.