Jan 18, 2010 / by corematters / No Comments

Well, you know it takes time to change the world.

John Lennon was so right.   Change won’t happen with the flip of  a switch.

Or will it?   How often are we able to do just that?  From darkness to light.  From chill to warmth.  From off to on.  So why not  flip an internal switch for personal results?  Just make a resolution.

We can, sort of, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.  Our bodies are the result of years of adaptations, and the only reason we’ve  made it this far, is because we  change slowly, gradually.  Our survival brain is wired to process environmental cues and produce chemical instructions for the body based on our needs.  If we’re hungry but it’s too cold to find food, we conserve energy.  If we’re not moving because we sit at a desk all day, chemically speaking, our brain knows we shouldn’t move.   Our survival brain can’t judge our lack of movement.  It simply understands that we’re not moving, therefore, we shouldn’t move.  So our brain resists movement.  Ever had that negotiation with yourself?  “I really need to go for a walk.  But I don’t feel like walking.  Yes, but the doctor said I need to start adding exercise to my day.  But I don’t feel like going for a walk……”

So if you’re trying to add exercise to your life because the analytical side of  your brain declared the need, it can be difficult to get started.  The self-feedback loop that says, “Don’t move!” will present a huge obstacle.

Perhaps knowing that it’s not a weakness or flaw on your part will help.  It’s not You.  It’s part of your brain, trying to survive as only it knows how.

But keep in mind, it’s only part.   We’re here today because we’ve developed and integrated the other sections.  So do that.   Band those other parts together–declare a revolution.  Take that first step.  Just one.   Start your change slowly.

You’ll get going.

And you’ll know it’s gonna be alright.