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You know how people are always on a diet?  And everyone knows that the minute they stop their diet, the weight will come right back—maybe with a couple extra pounds attached.  Most people would love to take weight off one time and keep it off forever.

Well, you can.

I’m here to tell you, STOP DIETING!  Why?  Because food matters.  It’s not something we should deprive ourselves of. Rather, we should eat food in the correct amounts, with balanced nutrients, at the correct time, according to our own body’s specific needs, and our own tastes.

 Is it really that simple?  Yes. We know, because we see it at CoreMatters all the time. After we teach people how to eat, they have reported to us that their cholesterol dropped 70 points, or their triglycerides dropped 70 points, or they went from Pre-Diabetic to no signs of diabetes, their pants are too big, their knees stopped hurting, or they are sleeping through the night, their blood pressure is down, they are taking fewer meds, they have more energy—sometimes in as little as 28 days—and all they have done is to eat properly. 

 Most people don’t really want to suck their meals through a straw.  Nor should they—unless they made that meal themselves, correctly.  And most people want something that is easy.  Well, what could be easier than eating food?  You are going to eat anyway, so why not eat correctly?

 We attach a lot of drama to food. Some of it’s useful, like when we celebrate with it, or we find simple pleasure in its tastes and smells. Some of it’s not so useful, like guilt, and reward.  But what if we think of food as information for a moment?  To the body, that’s what it is: information that the brain uses to grow, to repair, and to maintain the body. The brain sends each molecule where it’s needed, in the quantities needed, and at the times it is needed, like fat molecules to the brain to rebuild cells or carbohydrates to the muscles to fuel movement. Every single molecule you put into your mouth has a role to play in creating your health and your body composition. We really are what we eat.

 The food choices you made 3 months ago determined the condition of your current batch of red blood cells!  And the choices you make today are creating your future bones, skin, and organs.

 Food is powerful. It is medicine. It is you. Learn to eat correctly, and you’ll be in charge. You will no longer need to “diet”.  Instead, you will own a diet. 

If you need help and are ready to learn, give us a call at (404) 435-6367. Let our Balanced Habits nutrition program be the last “diet” you ever do:  Yours!


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