Feb 13, 2015 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

It’s true. A pain in the knee (or hip, or back) is really a cry for help. Most often, the body is out of alignment and this misalignment is causing the pain.

One common postural fault we see is a posture that has an anterior (forward) tilted pelvis. This tilt causes the legs to rotate inward, forcing the knee into a position that creates a shearing effect and also causes flat feet. But wait! There’s more. This also means that the hip flexors and back extensors become short and tight and the muscles of abdominals, gluteals, and hamstrings become long and weak.

The knee is not a major weigh-bearing joint. But tight hip flexors and quads pull the person forward putting the entire body weight on the knee in its misaligned position, while the gluteal muscles and hamstrings take a backseat and let the quads take over. The longer it stays uncorrected the greater the imbalance and the pain.

What can you do about this? Fix the flexibility imbalances. Strengthen the weak large muscles. Strengthen the stabilizer muscles. Restore the balance our bodies are designed for.

In short: fix your core. That’s our specialty. Call me for a consultation today at (404) 435-6367

Ann-Marie Giglio, CPT, FMS