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De-Stress – Get a Massage!

Get one.

The end.

Really, it’s that simple.  Massage should be part of your regular body maintenance program.  How often?  Monthly is a good start.  Problem is, our upside-down health care system is designed for repair, not prevention, so massage is usually not covered by insurance.  But it should be.  It can be expensive.  A massage can cost anywhere from $50 -100/hour.  A good one, however, is worth much more.

It’s expensive for a reason.  Good practitioners are certified massage therapists (C.M.T.), which means they have been through a training program that includes a practical — hands-on — exam, and a written one.  They may have also apprenticed with someone.  And they are required to keep their practice current by completing continuing education classes in order to renew their certification.

A good massage does many things for your body.  First and foremost, it will de-stress you.  And that’s more than a relaxed feeling.  De-stressing also means releasing toxins from the tissues in your body, which is why the good practitioners will recommend that you drink lots of water after you leave the office.  Some massage techniques can re-align your body.  Some masseuses use energy work to balance your physical structure with your emotional self.  Others will seek to reunite your soul with your body.  It’s the ultimate mind/body practice.  How many people do you know who live entirely in their heads?  And some practitioners will not decide what you need until they assess you on the table.  Swedish?  Deep tissue?  Sports?  Myofacial release?  Your body will tell them.

You should come home not necessarily in a dreamy dream state, but ready to tackle your day with a renewed spirit and an aligned sense of purpose — and no aches or pains.

So get out there and do some research.  Ask people.  Get some idea of what you’d like to accomplish.  But be open to the possibilities that a good masseuse can present to you.

And then go, and leave your tension on the table.