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Time to Get Moving!

So it’s six weeks since we began this series.  And the first thing you did was to assess your cardio fitness by stair-climbing.  Since then, have you added any movement to your life?

If you have, it’s time to reassess your cardio fitness by doing the same thing.  Get out your first set of numbers and compare.  Has anything changed?  Does your heart rate return to normal more quickly?

If you have not changed your level of movement, today’s the day.  And here’s something to aim for in order to chart your course:  the Historic Roswell Kiwanis Club Spring Classic 5K, on May 18, 2013.  People will be walking and running this.

Safely walking or running 3.1 miles requires several things to come together.  First is  proper walking form.  The good news is we can learn it!  Check out my Chi Walking and Chi Running programs to learn injury-free, biomechanically correct form.

Second is a very useful, supportive diet.  Eat plenty of good carbs and protein together especially on your walking or running days.

Third, is an efficient glycogen conversion system–that’s the system the uses the sugar (glycogen) in your muscles, or brings sugar from storage in your liver to your muscles for use as fuel.  We need the gas in our tanks to fire cleanly.  The way to make that happen is to walk or run.  The system becomes more efficient from repetition and challenge.

So if you haven’t already done so, start walking or running.  How much should you walk?  The first time, go as far as you can or for as much time as you have.  The goal will be to get a number to use for the week.  Whatever you do today, you will do every other day for a week.

The following week, you will increase your time or distance by 10%.

Sound easy?  Good.  Get going.  Want to do it even better?  Take a Chi Walking workshop (or Chi Running) and make injuries and fatigue a thing of the past.