Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 10

“Whispering words of wisdom….”

By: Ann-Marie Giglio

Are you having trouble quieting your mind during your running or walking practice–or any time?

Regarding meditation, an old Chinese Zen Master once said, “Some of you are taking me literally when I say, ‘Don’t think,’ and you are making your minds like a rock. This is a cause of insentiency and an obstruction to the Way. When I say not to think, I mean that if you have a thought, think nothing of it.”

You know.  Let it be.

And then simultaneously turn your attention to what you are doing. If you’re running or walking, pay attention. If you are meditating quietly, tune in to your breathing and posture — even if you’re at your desk.

Sitting at work or walking a trail, we can’t change the economy.  We can’t change the laws.  We can’t change our lovers.  We can’t change the past.  And we can’t change the future.  The past and the future don’t really exist.  But we can pay attention to the only thing we really have:  the present.  When you do this, when you really zero in on it, you open yourself up to everything.  Really.  Everything.

Try it for a minute.  Give your Self a break.  It’s a little vacation for your mind.  Center your core, align your intentions  — and let it be.

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