Will You Be Fit In a Year? FIY week 2

In the spirit of new year assessments, we turn to the more spiritual areas of life — the philosophy and force that drives you.  It’s time to take stock.

The question to ask yourself this week is who am I?  As a person, who have I become this past year? Take stock of the past year’s effect on you.

Everything you do and the people you spend time with all have an impact on who you are.  Peel back the layers you’ve applied this year if you don’t like them.  Were you dragged down last year by election outcomes, economy skids or just plain getting older?  Have you let any of that color who you’ve become, how you’ve interacted with your friends and family?  Has it affected how you feel?  Your health?

Who do you want to be when you grow up?  How does that measure up to who you are now?  If you’re not all grown up, what can you do to get there?

When you’re done assessing things, make a list.  Write down exactly what do you want to change.  And then write down what you will do to accomplish the change.  This is a true New Year’s resolution list — it comes from within.  Think of it as your revolution list.  Revolt against your old ways.  And rock on.

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