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It’s noisy out there.  Jenny–and every solution that looks like Jenny–wants you.   They’ve called in big guns this year.  And they all want one thing:  a contract on your New Year’s Resolution.

But here’s the truth.

Resolutions just don’t work.

Ok.  Once in a while they might.  But usually they don’t because a resolution is not a plan.  It’s an emotional response to a problem that really needs a rational solution.  It’s like deciding that you want to see London this year, and then running outside and jumping on the first bus that comes by.  You will go on a journey, and if you’re an extremely lucky person, you just might end up in London, eventually, but most likely,  you’ll have to try every path you happen upon, and before you know it, you’re out of money, you’ve got a pile of ticket stubs, and you haven’t seen the Palace.  Does it remind you of your closet full of gadgets?  Anyone still have a Thigh Master gathering dust?  Letting the laundry pile up on your treadmill?

On top of that, these resolutions can really make trouble for you.  When you fail to achieve them, you feel horrible.  Really.  You feel worse than before you started, because now, not only are you unhealthy, or overweight, or unorganized, you’re now also a failure!

CoreMatters doesn’t want to have any part in that.  We are not looking for the January, or even the February rush.  We’re here doing what we’re always doing, helping people reach their goals.

But there is one thing we will do.  We will run a special 12-Days-Of-Fitness promotion, just for you.  Cost:  zero.  Benefits:  countless.  All you have to do is contact us at ourcorematters@gmail.com, give us your email address and phone number, and tell us

  • what your Resolution is, and then
  • what your Goal is.

What’s the difference?  A resolution is a general idea, say, I want to be healthier in 2012.  A goal is I want to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

Once we receive your contact info and resolution, we’ll send you an email message or text message every day for 12 days with a coaching tip designed especially for you.

Why?  Because we know how loud the noise is “out there” right now.  And we are the voice of reason.  If we can help you head in the right direction this year, we’ll feel pretty good about ourselves.  And you just might not have that closet full of diet books and ab crunchers come Dec.

You can thank us then.

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