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Are you addicted to something?

That means you do it regardless of outcome.

Like sitting all day and night. Or smoking. Or buying shoes.

If you try to stop, to fight your addiction, you’re going to leave a hole, a psychic hole where the addiction used to be.

What can you fill it with? Exercise!

According to Peter Provet, director of Odyssey House, an addiction treatment facility, “exercise can serve as both an antidote and an inoculation against addiction. ”

How? It’s simple return on investment (ROI). In return for your effort, you get: goal-setting experience, the feeling of exercising and movement, the challenge of it, the pleasure, the pain, the accomplisment, improved health, enhanced self-esteem….

Exercise works from the top down in the brain. Movement forces you to adapt to new stimulus. So you learn healthy alternatives to your former behavior.

And it works from the bottom up, by physically blunting your urge to engage in your former addiction. It builds synaptic detours around the well-worn paths in your brain that automatically want new shoes.

Unless, perhaps, they’re running shoes….