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I get asked this all the time.

The simple answer is because your health is personal.  Every body is different, so why should your health plan be like anyone else’s?  You can get on a machine and work it, or do endless squats, but will it accomplish the goal you yourself are actually after?  What if you want to lower your blood pressure?  Will training like a body builder help you?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Other factors need to be considered.

Your customs and religion are different.  Your likes and dislikes are different.  Why should your nutrition, or your diet, come from a bestseller?

I like to remind people who ask me about popular plans and diet books that if they aren’t dangerous–and too often, they are–they  might work, but remember, your body hasn’t read the book!

Some people want to work out with others.  Some prefer privacy.   Some like to cook.  Some hate it.  Some clients have support at home.   Some do not.

A good trainer studies bio-mechanics, exercise modalities, and science-based nutrition.

But the best trainer also studies YOU.

And then comes up with a plan tailored to your unique needs, because when it comes to health, one size never fits all!

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