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Bet you never thought about it that way before…but it’s an important question. What movements do you make on a daily basis?

All too often we move from one seat to another. One conveyor to another. We never stretch or reach for anything more challenging than the top shelf.

Find out what your diet is. Write down your movements throughout your day. If you are keeping a food journal, you can do this, too. Another 2 minute task, on the same piece of paper.

Consider that we used to roam miles and miles, or we used to spend the day foraging for food amongst trees and shrubs. The entire day. And then measure that amount of movement against your current habits.

See where you can make any changes? The easiest thing to do is to walk more. But any movement you add to your diet will help you.

Start small. And keep going.

There’s no telling how far you’ll go!

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