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Lately, I’ve been noticing ads for fitness programs that promise things like bikini bodies or getting ripped or losing 15 pounds–all in only two weeks.

Those sound like goals, but my first thought is: What’s next?

After you get that ripped, 15-pound lighter bikini body, what’s the next target—-a smaller bikini?

My second question is always: What part of your health did you sacrifice to achieve that goal?

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to change someone’s body in a short time.  But it will always be at a cost.  And in the long-term, it won’t be cheap. The cost will be paid somewhere—it could be compromised joint health, biomechanics, the endocrine system, or maybe at the cellular level, where it won’t show up on medical exams for a while.

Which begs the question:  Is a change in appearance a good measure of success?

Consider these comments from clients at CoreMatters:

“When I joined CoreMatters, I was having severe leg pain during strenuous exercise such as golf, tennis, and long hikes. I also had chronic back pain throughout my adult life. Once I committed to the programs at CoreMatters and stayed with it over a year, all my pain went away. Things were challenging at first, but over time my form, strength, and flexibility improved.  Recently, I was able to play six days of golf in a row without pain, where before, one round would cause me severe leg pain for a day or two. I’m also hitting the ball much farther. So happy about that!… I’m 62 years old and feel stronger than I did 10 years ago.”  Al F.

“You probably saved my knees! Everything you said made so much sense!”   Anne Y.

“In the 2 years since I took your workshop, I am still injury free. That includes over 2200 miles of running…Thanks again.”    David R.

“I thought I would share some news I received today:  the results from my blood work: for the first time in FOREVER, my cholesterol levels were in the normal range!”  Lynn D.

People come to us wanting to avoid Type 2 or taking medications, to think more clearly, sleep better, to learn to eat properly, to be able to play with their kids or grandkids, to avoid ending up like their parents…

Our clients want to live every single moment of life without hesitation or fear, to be as healthy as they can be. They never want to say, “No, I can’t do that” to anyone or about anything.

Sound like your kind of goals?  Call us today and we’ll get you on the track to life-long and strong-life success. (404) 435-6367

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