What’s for Dinner?

It’s already hot where I live.  So I want  potato salad.  I love cold potato salad–but only homemade.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?  Here’s mine:

boil whatever potatoes you have.  (I trim them and cut off any spots, but leave the skins on.  I’m lazy, and the skins are nutritious.)

Drain and chill.

Cut them into bite-size pieces.

Toss with:  olive oil, sea salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, a splash of dijon mustard, and chopped raw celery, onion, some chives from the pot on my deck, and any other veg I have.  Probably some raw carrots, perhaps some anise bulb.  I might even mix in some frozen peas.

Done.  Chill. Eat!

The variations are endless.  I’ve never made the same one twice.  Play around with whatever fresh potatoes you can find:   purple, red, golden, white, sweet—all are great.

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