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Why do diets fail?

I think they fail for 2 reasons:

1. They wrap around the 1300 cal/day model. Guess what? Even models can’t live on that. (Women need about 2100 cal/day; men 2500cal/day.) After 2 or 3 weeks, because your body is quite literally starving, you must binge.

That is, you must fail. And then naturally move onto the next diet.

2. How do we define diet? Most folks think diet = deprive. But Webster’s says “food and drink habitually consumed.”

Simply, it is what you eat and drink every day.

If losing weight is your goal because your current habits–your diet–made you fat, it seems logical that you must change your diet–your habits.


First, learn your diet. Keep a food journal. Nothing fancy. Just write down everything you eat and drink every day for at least a week. This takes about 1 minute/day.

After a week–or better still–a month–you’ll know exactly what your diet is.

Not Adkins’, not South Beach’s, not Richard Simmons’.

Then, choose a different diet as a goal–a target you aim for. A diet with more fruits and veggies in it is a great start. No need to drive yourself calorie-crazy. Keep it simple.

And then, gradually switch things in your current diet for things in your target diet.

Make a choice. One switch per week. After 2 months, you’ll have completely changed your diet, ie.  your eating and drinking habits.

It’s really that simple.

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