What Exactly is a Sports Massage specialist?

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We asked Greg Eisenberg, LMT, CNMT, to tell us. According to Eisenberg, “Sports massage is a special type of massage that is particularly helpful to athletes, whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional. It is used before, during and after sporting events. There is a variety of benefits of sports massage which include preventing injury, working out soreness, and enhancing sports performance. Techniques used during a sports massage session may vary depending on the needs of the client. A sports massage session can be stimulating, or relaxing, or it can be relief from musculo-skeletal pain.”

Eisenberg also practices Orthopedic massage. He says, “Orthopedic massage is a system which includes a therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissues and their related joints in effort to resolve pain and dysfunction. The focus is to determine the origin of the pain and build a plan, which can include different modalities of tissue work coordinated with strengthening and stretching exercises to eradicate the pain and dysfunction either from trauma-induced injuries or postural imbalances that cause pain throughout the day.”
For more information, visit Eisenberg’s site: http://www.symmetrysportsmassage.com

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