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Beliefs are not facts.

They are only interpretations or value judgments you make about yourself, your experiences, and the world around you. They are the meaning we assign to things. For example: If you weighed yourself and your weight did not change this week, it is a verifiable fact.

But you may conclude that your weight means that your diet is not working or you will never lose weight or that you failed. Again.

This is not yet a verified fact. This is simply your belief about your results.

In fact, weight is a pretty useless number. In my business, I use it to calculate the important numbers, but by itself, it tells me nothing aside from the total of a person’s body fat and lean mass poundage.  And that’s a fact.

So, if you accept the possibility that you might believe things that are actually holding you back, then imagine how transforming that is!

Do you have a clear vision of success?  Create one in the form of a mental video. Re-play it until you know it by heart.

The Next Step: Install New Beliefs

Like installing new software in your computer, we can install new programming in your brain. Sure, it’s not push-button simple, but we CAN do it.

We were not born with any beliefs about anything. We have acquired these beliefs over time. Here are some beliefs we’ve heard in the studio:

  • “Everyone is bigger in my family.”
  • “It’s my genes.”
  • “She must have good genes.”
  • “We all get the same belly.”
  • “I’m just getting older.”
  •  “I don’t have time.”
  • “My doctor said I should just get used to it.”

The best way to start reprogramming your brain is to focus on higher level beliefs and make them the essentials, the prerequisites to your success.

Here are 7 Beliefs you must eat, sleep and drink to make your Vision/Change Possible:

  • Possibility:  It’s Achievable
  • Capability:  I Am Able
  • Necessity:  I Must Achieve It
  • Worthiness:  I Deserve It
  • Desire:  I want It
  • Expectation:  I Expect It
  • Willingness:  I Am Willing

Your mind controls your beliefs and ultimately, your vision for your life. Change can happen in an instant. One question can lead to a solution, and one new fact or piece of evidence can change a belief.

So: What do you believe in? What’s your vision for your life? What beliefs need to change?

When you’re ready, our team of Belief-Changing Professionals is here to help you  make that vision real. Give us a call and schedule a consultation today: (404) 435-6367.

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