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I can barely stand the month of January.  Everywhere I turn, or everything I turn on, is blaring at me about losing weight.  Sensa, Jenny, Nutri-Systems, SlimFast, and worst of all, Weight-Watchers, are all yelling at us to lose weight.  Even our doctors are saying it.

I guess we really can’t call it a lie if they’re not being malicious–the doctors mean well.  But the diet industry?  I’ll venture they’re lying.

How can I say that?  Easy.  It’s not weight we need to lose.  It’s body fat.  Not only that–the truth is, it’s not that simple.  We also need to increase muscle, tissue, and bone mass. We need to sleep.  And we need to eat!

But what happens when we join Jenny or Slim-Fast or someone else?  We starve.  People who eat less than 1200 calories a day are starving.  And some of these programs are 800 calories a day!   The hcG program is 600.  That’s barely enough to stay alive.  Remember, you need calories sitting in a chair to keep your heart beating, your lungs functioning, and your brain working.  That’s why compliance is so difficult.  It’s not that you’re weak or inferior.  Staying on the diet is impossible because you are starving.

Physiologically speaking, the body brain believes that food has become scarce, so it holds onto stored calories.  Where are they stored?  In fat cells. So ironically, the diets don’t burn fat cells.  Instead, the body turns to muscle and tissue, another site of stored calories.  So you end up burning muscle and tissue, and then your metabolism slows down.  (Muscle is the driver of metabolism.  More muscle?  Higher revving engine.  Less muscle, slow turning wheels and no real need for fuel.)  After your metabolism slows down and requires less fuel, around week 3 or 4 when you finally start eating again because you’re starving, you’re going to eat even more than before and most of it will go where?  Right to storage.   Fat.  Because with your slower metabolism, you don’t need as many calories to keep your engine running.  But after a few months, you’ll turn to another diet because your weight has gone up and the industry screams at you need to decrease it.

But where will that get you?  Back to the same place, only a bit heavier this time.  It’s a perfect business model, really.  Unless someone blows the whistle.

That’s what I’m doing here.  Blowing the whistle.  Your weight doesn’t determine your appearance or your health.  It’s the amount fat compared to the amount of muscle, tissue, and bone that makes you look and feel the way you do.

So what do you say we declare this the year of Fat-Loss?  Start today.  Get off your scale.  Watch how your clothing fits instead.  Isn’t that what really matters?