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By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters

What does that mean?

It means that we are a product of our injuries, our training, our compensations, and our accumulated thoughts and movements over our lifetime.

It’s a basic law of bio-mechanics, the Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand principle (SAID).

When we sit more than an hour every day, our body has adapted to sitting.  If we break or twist an ankle and hobble on one foot for a while, our body learns how to hobble on one foot. And after only a couple of weeks, our body will start to modify how it absorbs and transfers force. In other words, it adapts.

So if you suffer from back problems, back aches, or back pain, the situation probably grew over time by slowly but steadily adapting to something that, while not in your back’s best interest, served a purpose.

But the truly radical fact is that your BRAIN created the adaptation, not your body.

Everything we are derives from our brains. If you are experiencing aches and pains, that pain is an output from your brain.  Even when there is a trauma, the brain decides to sent a pain signal to an area.  If cells were broken, pain means, “I must quarantine this area and heal it, so I will make it painful to stop you from using it.”

If you live with chronic pain (lasting more than 6 months), your tissue is fine. Your brain is sending the signal for a different reason.

I’m 64 years old. In the past month, I unexpectedly biked 30 miles one afternoon after I was invited on a bike tour, I hiked several miles the next day, spread 50 bags of mulch on my flower beds, pressure washed my driveway one weekend, and my 30-foot long back deck the following weekend. You probably think my back hurt.  But it did not.

If you’d like to know how it’s possible for me to do all of that without any pain, come to my Back Clinic, Back Pain UNPLUGGED.

Learn what the common causes of back pain are, how to avoid them, alternatives to medicating the problem, and more!

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