DUE TO COVID-19, our studio is closed to groups.

We ARE open to limited Private, 1-2-1 training.

We will remain closed to our small groups for a few more weeks.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t come out of this situation healthier than we started!

If you’re locked out of your big box, check us out.

We are still delivering the small, personal, private studio experience.  You’re not just watching us do a workout and hoping you get it right.  Or maybe getting injured.

No need to commit long-term just now.  Help us pay the rent and we’ll help you stay fit safely!

All of our custom programming is delivered via our PRIVATE live, interactive Zoom sessions.


Here are all of your IMMUNE-BOOSTING options:

  • Join our popular Small Group Personal Training, and enjoy a certified personal trainer who guides you and customizes the workout for you, with or without equipment.   We’ve added 6-pack and 10-pack options.  “I am SO HAPPY that the SGT will continue via Zoom- I love it !  I feel we get the same workout and attention that we need in the comfort of our homes with our own germs so to speak! Thanks so much for continuing to have this offer for us.  Marcus is amazing too!  Really appreciate all you do and provide on our behalf during these crazy times.  Kris L.”
  • Book private 1-2-1 personal training with us via interactive live Zoom.  Same awesome training, with or without equipment.
  • Take Juice Plus.  Here’s why– “Immunity Research” front page right here:  https://agiglio.juiceplus.com/us/en
  • Join our Virtual Stretching class on Saturday morning and unwind those muscles without leaving your house.
  • We know more about how our cell phones work than our bodies!  Take some time to change that and learn at home with our online course: OnBoard 101, How your body REALLY works
  • Take our See Better, Balance Better, Move Better course; or book it for your team.
  • Avoid dumping more toxins into your Immune System.  Drink our no artificial ingredients, lowest calorie,  no-added sugar wine!
  • Employ top-quality, pharmaceutical grade Essential Oils to relieve anxiety, stress, allergies, and more!
  • Enjoy our Free Noon RESET, Monday – Friday, CoreMatters FaceBook page.  Vision drills, movement drills, balance drills, 15 minutes to de-stress and feel better!