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We are so excited to announce the publication of a 1-year study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showing the Chi Running technique was found to produce less impact and higher efficiency, when compared with 3 other common styles of running!

The study, A Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Work and Intial Loading Rates Among Four Different Running Styles, (Goss, 2012) compared TSR (Runners with a rearfoot strike and wearing traditional shoes), MSR (Runners with a rearfoot strike and wearing minimalist shoes), MSA (runners with anterior/forefoot strike and wearing minimalist shoes) and Chi Runners (proficient with midfoot/fullfoot landing in both traditional and minimalist shoes).

The study showed that the Chi Runners:

  • experienced the least amount of impact (lowering the impact of the feet directly lowers the impact to the knees)
  • exeperienced the greater attenuation of impact ((impact is spread out over a longer period of time, helping to eliminate sudden impactto the bones and joints of the feet, lower legs, and hips)
  • landed closer to their  enter of gravity (shown as less range of motion of the knee, thus reducing the overstriding and “braking” that produces “runner’s knee.”)

So Chi Running was shown to be the most effective at reducing both the overall impact and the rate of impact!

“We have conducted two large anecdotal peer-reviewed studies,” says Danny Dreyer, founder of Chi Running, “but this is the first peer-reviewed, scientific study showing what we’ve believed all along:  that Chi Running actually creates less impact than other running styles.”

What I’m most excited about is that this study shows that a low-impact, more efficient running technique can be LEARNED, and that runners can improve their technique to reduce their potential for injury.

So don’t wait.  Find your local Chi Running Instructor and get to a workshop!  Word of warning:  make sure your instructor is listed on the national site, chirunning.com    We are the ONLY certified instructors.