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A pound of fat weighs more than a pound of muscle.

Over the years, I’ve seen this statement many times and each time it was meant to justify a claim.
But it’s absolutely-no-doubt-about-it FALSE.

One pound of anything (feathers?) weighs exactly the same as one pound of something else (rocks?). What may be different is the VOLUME.

Why does this matter? Because these sorts of casual mistakes surround us and while a reader or listener might question them the first time around, after 2 or 3 repetitions, well it must be true!  And in the world of health and fitness, these mistakes are EVERYWHERE!

And that’s only part of the problem. The other part is distinguishing between causation and correlation.

Causation is straightforward.  A nail puncture causes a flat tire. The moon’s gravitational pull causes the tides. A particular virus causes a cold.  But correlation is more slippery. It may be part of a cause, but by itself does not imply or prove cause. For example, during summer months, shark bites and ice cream consumption peak. Should we conclude that ice cream causes shark attacks? Or that shark attacks cause increased sales of ice cream? Of course not. They are related (correlated) by a common factor (hot weather) but that’s really the only claim we can make.

Why care? Because it’s confusing enough out there trying to figure out what steps to take in order to reach any goal, but especially on the path to health.  So if you hear or read that Item X is LINKED to situation Y, let it roll right back out of your head as quickly as it rolled in. A link is a correlation, not a cause. If the statement doesn’t clearly say “causes,” then it isn’t/doesn’t.  A good way to read those “facts” is to add to the sentence:  Item X may or may not be linked to situation Y.

Or think of it like this headline: EATING ICE CREAM (may or may not be) LINKED TO SHARK ATTACKS.  See what I mean?

This will save you a good deal of money and trial and error testing on the path to good health.

If you see something questionable, send it our way. We read the actual studies. We sort fact from fiction for you. It’s part of our job. When you hire us, that’s only a small part of our service, but it may just be the best part. The other best part is we cause fat-loss…

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