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I just returned from a mini-vacation in Oregon. My daughter had invited me to come hang out with her.

Turns out that by “hang out,” she meant hike on Cougar Mountain near Seattle (3 hours), walk around her neighborhood the next day for 3 hours, cross-country ski 4 miles on Mt. Hood the dayafter in a light rain/sleet, and ride miles and miles (2.5 miles one day and 10 miles + another hike) through Portland on her road bikes (she and her boyfriend own 8 bikes).
I’m happy to report that although I haven’t run a mile since before Thanksgiving, and haven’t worn a pair of skis in 30 years! and barely ride my bike on the occasional weekend, I successfully did it all without so much as a sore muscle!
How is that possible? It’s the “what the !#? effect” of SFG Kettlebell training.  You see, I’ve been back to my KB practice for about 4 months. (I had to stop completely last August when I fell and hurt my shoulder–that’s another story.) So, all I’ve done is practice my SFG kettle bell method, and my strength and cardio were ready and able to tackle whatever she threw at me! That’s the way SFG works. Practice them and you’re better at everything.  What the @#?!
I love being able to say yes to her invitation without hesitation.
Because I’m strong.  And it’s awesome!
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