Ten Things to Look for in a Fitness Program, cont.

6.  Check out the instructor’s credentials.  Remember that you can now buy credentials on-line through an on-line course.  Never accept an on-line certification if it is the instructor’s primary cert.  An instructor might learn a bit intellectually this way, but no one has actually witnessed this instructor’s teaching method, nor double checked their safety knowledge.

7.  What is the class structure?  Are you going to be comfortable in the class no matter what level you begin in?

8.  Do you need any special equipment or clothing?  For example, a yoga class may ask you to bring a sticky mat.  A running workshop requires running shoes.

9.  Does the class progression make sense to you?  Does it inspire you?  Does it sound overwhelming?  If it sounds overwhelming, it probably is.   Look for something easier for your first foray into the field.

10.  Will you have fun?  If you  don’t enjoy this, it will quickly become a chore.  And then, it will quickly become a bore.   One person may enjoy running because the scenery is always changing.  Another may find it boring because the activity never varies.

It’s up to you.  Know yourself.  And get to it!

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