Jan 24, 2009 / by corematters / No Comments

1.  What is your goal?  Are you looking to burn calories?  Do you want to improve cardio-vascular function?  Do you need to relieve stress?

2.  How much money can you spend?

3.  How do you prefer to work-out?  Do you like a social setting in a small group?  Are you comfortable in a large facility with lots of peers?  Do you need one-on-one attention?  Would you like to work out alone or specifically at home?

4.  When can you fit your workout time into your schedule?  This is an important question.  Get out your calendar.  Get our your family’s calendar.  Look for the clear slots.  And then write it in.  Commit to these times.

5.  Check out the facility.   Visit unannounced.  Is it clean?  Is the equipment in good condition–even if you don’t plan to use it.  Are people smiling?

…see the next 5 tomorrow!