Take a Walk!

Did you know 50% of the kids who started school after the year 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes–which used to be called Adult-Onset until so many young people and kids started being diagnosed with it.

And did you know that 2/3 of the US population over the age of 45 has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, like Type 2 Diabetes or high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease–and that most of these conditions are reversible?

What can we do about these disturbing trends?  Cleaning up our food is one important solution.  But that gets tougher to do every day.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to go for a walk.  Seriously.  With the whole family.  Or your best friend.  Or someone you’d like to be friends with.

Roswell is blessed with an excellent park system, and each park has its own unique trail.  Get to know each one.  Make it a goal this spring to try every trail in town at least once.  (Don’t forget the National Forest we’re lucky to have here.)

All you need are some comfortable shoes and some water (unless you decide to pack in a picnic).  Anyone a photographer?  Bring a camera.  When my daughter was younger, we would bring her favorite tiny animal figurine and pose the two of them on rocks or fallen logs or benches.  Then she came up with the idea to do a photo series.  In fact, that’s how she first started taking photos, and now she’s really good at it.

The point is make it fun!  Develop a rating system.  Find your favorite spots.  See how fast–or slow–you can walk a mile.

Maybe you’ll find you really enjoy this.  You  could sign-up to do a local race.  Walkers are usually welcome and a race experience is really quite unique.  We’ve got 2 coming up, right here in town.  One benefits the children’s programs sponsored by the Roswell Kiwanis Club (info:  www.springkclassic.com) and the other is a benefit for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Elkins Pointe Middle School.   (Register at active.com)

A good walk has a way of jarring things loose, of clearing out the cobwebs, of settling the chaos.  Make your walk more meaningful by beginning it with an intention.  If you begin your walk with an intention, you will achieve it.

So get out there.  There’s no easier way to beat stress, produce some Vitamin D, and just plain feel good.

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