Should You De-Tox?

I‘ve been approached recently by people selling detox devices, wraps, pills, etc. They want me to sell them to my clients. For the most part, I’m not interested. Why not? 1. If someone truly needs detoxing, and some people do, they need professional diagnosis and care. That’s outside the scope of my practice, and to

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 8

De-Stress – Get a Massage! Get one. The end. Really, it’s that simple.  Massage should be part of your regular body maintenance program.  How often?  Monthly is a good start.  Problem is, our upside-down health care system is designed for repair, not prevention, so massage is usually not covered by insurance.  But it should be.

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Know anyone with Hip or Back or Knee or Neck Pain?

How many times have you tried to fix your knee?  Or you back?  Or your neck? How many doctors have you seen?  Other providers?  Have you tried supplements?  Herbs?  Vitamins? It’s not your fault that nothing’s worked.   By the time your pain is chronic, your situation is complicated.  It won’t respond to a one-time, one-line

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