Anit-oxidants While You Sleep?

Everyone’s heard by now that we need to add anti-oxidants to our diets.  Especially since we’ve all been exercising and moving more! Here’s a very easy, very summery way to do this. Brew ice tea. Wait–I know–you haven’t time.  But what if I told you it’s possible to do this without boiling the water, waiting

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What do those Nutrition Labels Say Anyway?

Today, we’re reading food labels. WARNING:  here comes the math…. Start with carbs.  When we read the carbohydrate data, remember that 1 gm of carbohydrates equals 4 calories.  You need to figure out how many calories you’re getting from the carbohydrates in this item.  If your daily goal is 1700-2100 calories, you’ll want to spread

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