Is it Time For You?

By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters Autumn is fast approaching.  It’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn away from summer fun and back to business… We make fourth quarter plans.  We take stock. Did your health go off the rails a bit this summer?  Worried about the approaching holiday parties? If you’re feeling a

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Are you over 50?

By Ann-Marie Giglio, Owner and CEO CoreMatters “If only I could fit in my clothes—or  just feel like myself again!“ Sound like you? I know exactly how you feel. Once I turned 50, everything changed. I realized I was counting fewer days ahead of me than behind and suddenly, an old prayer began to haunt me:  Let me not

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Feel the Joy. Ask it To Expand

Do you feel trapped?  Anywhere.  In your body?  Your job?  Your life? Perhaps that’s because all too often, we focus on what is wrong.  Our thighs are too thick, our eyelashes too short, our boss too demanding, our house too small. If this is what we fill our minds with, where will we be in

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Are You Giving This Deadly Killer Permission to Shorten Your Lifespan?

What can potentially give you the blues, cause dementia, and increase your risk of heart disease and stroke? It has the potential to saddle you with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, colon cancer, breast cancer and reduce your testosterone level. Plus, it can chip away at your looks, how you feel and

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FDA strike one

A drug which the FDA approved more than half a century ago—which doctors have been prescribing for their patients with high-risk pregnancies through compounding pharmacies with great success—was designated by the FDA an “orphan drug.” Now KV Pharmaceutical has been given the exclusive right of production and sale (not to mention drug trial tax breaks!).

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Did You Know Your Bones are an Organ?

Yes.  A living, breathing, working organ.  Your skeleton contains blood vessels, nerves, and lymph vessels.  They have 3 layers:  outer shell, spongy bone, and a medullary cavity.  The spongy bone and medullary cavity are filled with marrow. We need our bones.   Desperately.  You know why?  First of all, they’re armor for some precious things.  Like

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What’s Your Healthcare Plan?

You’ve heard a lot about health care these past weeks, but I bet you haven’t heard this. I was listening to an interview of Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and when asked if he had any thoughts about the health care system, he quickly responded by saying he had one thing to propose.

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