Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

I get asked this all the time. The simple answer is because your health is personal.  Every body is different, so why should your health plan be like anyone else’s?  You can get on a machine and work it, or do endless squats, but will it accomplish the goal you yourself are actually after?  What

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Why We’re Not Having a January Sale

It’s noisy out there.  Jenny–and every solution that looks like Jenny–wants you.   They’ve called in big guns this year.  And they all want one thing:  a contract on your New Year’s Resolution. But here’s the truth. Resolutions just don’t work. Ok.  Once in a while they might.  But usually they don’t because a resolution is

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Palin Reminded Me

The Palin debate performance reminded me that we need to respect our limitations. If we are trying to do something new–a new exercise,  a new yoga position, a new diet–a new job–we need to remember to respect our bodies’ and our minds’ limits.  Just as Palin has stuffed her head full of party-lines and consequently

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Anti-Cancer Veggies

We know now that certain foods prevent or inhibit cancerous cell growth.  Here’s Dr. David Servan-Schrieber’s list of 20 common vegetables that inhibit developement of brain, colon, lung, and/or prostate cancers: Asparagus                                       Green Beans Beets                                                Jalapeno Peppers Broccoli                                            Kale Brussel Sprouts                                Leeks Cabbage                                          Onions Cauliflower                                      Savoy Cabbage Celery                                              Scallions Eggplant                                          Spinach Fiddlehead Fern                               Turnips

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What’s Your Exercise Diet?

Bet you never thought about it that way before…but it’s an important question. What movements do you make on a daily basis? All too often we move from one seat to another. One conveyor to another. We never stretch or reach for anything more challenging than the top shelf. Find out what your diet is.

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37 Seconds, Well-used, Is a Lifetime…

That title comes from a movie I watched with my daughter last week, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. (If you have kids, rent it and watch it with them!) While waiting for a clock-store prank to unfold, his co-hort says, “Ok, now we wait–exactly 37 seconds…” To which Magorium replies incredulously, “Wait???  NOOOO!!!–We breathe. We pulse.

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