13 For 2013

Your 13 Health Improvement Tips for 2013 Think of this as Resolution Rescue: 1. Set your goals! Make sure you have a clear reason for making the changes you’ll need to make. It cannot be to lose weight. Weight is the wrong number to watch. (Read more about weight here.) A better goal would be

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Inflammation: What is it? Why do We Care?

It’s become pretty clear to scientists that low level chronic inflammation is at the root of several chronic diseases.  In fact, these diseases are the major epidemics of the 21st century. What’s a chronic disease?  It’s a diagnosis for something you live with and try to manage—until it kills you.  You don’t cure it.  You’

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How Are Your Roots?

Check this out:   a species of Chinese Bamboo that begins growing the  minute you plant it.   It continues to grow–underground.  It takes years before it breaks through the surface of the soil.  But once it does, it can grow up to 18 feet the first year!  What a root system! That’s exactly how we

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Feeling a Bit Off?

Things have a way of catching up with us. Take Daylight Savings Time.  That always throws me off.  My circadian rhythm does not like it and I spend at least a week, this year bit more, trying to re-stabalize and sleep properly. And where I live, it’s pollen season.  We have a pretty intense time

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Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

I get asked this all the time. The simple answer is because your health is personal.  Every body is different, so why should your health plan be like anyone else’s?  You can get on a machine and work it, or do endless squats, but will it accomplish the goal you yourself are actually after?  What

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Why We’re Not Having a January Sale

It’s noisy out there.  Jenny–and every solution that looks like Jenny–wants you.   They’ve called in big guns this year.  And they all want one thing:  a contract on your New Year’s Resolution. But here’s the truth. Resolutions just don’t work. Ok.  Once in a while they might.  But usually they don’t because a resolution is

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How to Lose Your Middle-Age Middle, Part 1 of 3

We’ve all experienced it.  It happens.  And we’re usually surprised.  At first we deny it.  But eventually, when we move up to the next jeans size, we see it clearly:  we’ve changed.  More specifically, our bellies have changed. Why?  Well, it looks like a simple formula, but it’s complicated.  It’s basically like this:   we get

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How Do YOU Define Good Health?

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that “Good Health” means something different to everyone. Don’t believe me? Get 2 of your friends to post their definition here and let’s just see….

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The other day, as I was presenting my one-minute commercial about my mind/body work to a networking group,  I realized how many people just flat don’t know what I’m about to tell you.  First, remember that no matter what life throws at you, it’s your response that makes the difference.  What you choose to do

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“Whether you think you can or not…you’re right.” Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company.

Our bodies are absolutely incredible.  When we take care of them, we cannot get sick.  Here’s the secret:  the only things that makes us sick are malnutrition and toxins. Malnutrition?  In our super-sized world?  Absolutely.  We are calorie-rich, nutritionally poor.  The thing is, we’re built to eat living food, foods that contain enzymes and micro-nutrients. 

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