Mobility Matters

Are you feeling your age?  When you get out of bed in the morning, are you stiff in some spots or maybe sore?  I often hear people say they “slept wrong.” Maybe it takes a few minutes to get things warmed up. Or you don’t feel completely balanced when you walk, like your parts aren’t

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Are You Sick of Feeling Like a Failure?

The latest data says that a third of all adults in the United States are obese, and another third are overweight–and thus on the path to chronic illness. How could this happen? I assure you, it’s NOT a lack of willpower, or about laziness, or genes. Nor is it because you lack one thing: one special

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Top 7 Ways to Reduce Stress (no purchase necessary)

(Click the photo to continue reading…) Recently, I’ve noticed many people (clients, friends, family and colleagues) are struggling with finding a balance between their demanding careers, home life and their health. Folks are going through the day on 5-6 hrs of sleep or less (sleep interrupted by kids or worry), downing tons of coffee or

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Give Up Wheat? Not So Fast……

(Click the photo to continue reading…) Wheat Belly, written by Dr. William Davis, has already sold close to three million copies in 33 countries.  Plus it has spent 100 weeks on New York Times bestseller list. Let’s take a closer look. In The War on Wheat, an investigative report for show The Fifth Estate (the

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Stress: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Usually, we hear about the bad effects of stress.  But it actually has a good side.If you’ve been challenged by a situation or a problem at work, you’ll work hard to find a solution. That’s stress.  When you find the solution, that stress was productive, problem solved, you can stop your stressing, and recover.  When

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 12

Finding Balance By Ann-Marie Giglio I own two  businesses. One is in fitness, one is writing. And I need to find balance. Luckily, I’ve been forced to think about them both for months. And I’m beginning to see the light. Seems that running on a regular basis is what keeps my bulbs lit. My brain

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 11

Tone, Balance and Strengthen with Pilates By Ann-Marie Giglio If you haven’t already begun adding activity to your schedule, consider adding a pilates class.  Exactly what is Pilates?  Pilates with a capital P is a core-based exercise developed 100 years ago by a man named Joseph Pilates.  Anyone certified by a company associated with his

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 10

“Whispering words of wisdom….” By: Ann-Marie Giglio Are you having trouble quieting your mind during your running or walking practice–or any time? Regarding meditation, an old Chinese Zen Master once said, “Some of you are taking me literally when I say, ‘Don’t think,’ and you are making your minds like a rock. This is a

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Will You Be Fit In a Year? FIY week 2

In the spirit of new year assessments, we turn to the more spiritual areas of life — the philosophy and force that drives you.  It’s time to take stock. The question to ask yourself this week is who am I?  As a person, who have I become this past year? Take stock of the past

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Will You be Fit in a Year ? FIY Week 1

One of my favorite writers, Theodore Geisel (a.k.a. Theo Le Sieg and Dr. Seuss) once wrote: “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.” Let’s take that thought into 2013.  Let’s unleash a collective grin because we’re all still here.  And we’ve all been given another chance to get it right. Speaking of getting

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