Have you been on diets where you were constantly shopping and searching for special ingredients?

Have you had to make yourself a separate meal each evening because your family didn’t like what you had to eat on your diet?  Double cooking.  Really?

Have you ever felt self-conscious at a client lunch meeting because you couldn’t order anything off the menu?  Or felt the client was uneasy because they were eating “normal” food in front of you and maybe that cost you the deal?

When you go to parties, are you the one saying, “No, thank you” all night?  Or do you get frustrated and blow the diet?

There IS a better way to change your body!

What if you could learn how to eat the food YOU and your family like AND turn your body into a fat-burning machine?

Did you know our bodies are designed to be fat-burning machines? The secret is to balance your meals and eat the correct amounts for YOUR body.

Our Balanced Habits KICK START will give you a taste and some practice in eating correctly.  Once you complete that 28-day program, you can continue your private coaching with Our Food Matters.  

Keep your private food coach, meet once per week 3 times per month to check in and the fourth week, book a longer appointment to master your specific challenges, or to learn something really useful, like how to read the menu and to choose food from your favorite restaurant.  Or  how to convert a recipe.  Or read a nutrition facts label and figure out how much to eat.

Our custom nutrition coaching program will do all that for you and more.  It will give you the education and accountability you need to change your habits for good!  We give you all the tools you need—except the food.

It’s the next step after the KICK START.  But you can also jump in now.

To learn more, visit our application page.  We insist on excellent customer service, so we limit the number of clients. 

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