Should You De-Tox?

I‘ve been approached recently by people selling detox devices, wraps, pills, etc. They want me to sell them to my clients. For the most part, I’m not interested. Why not?

1. If someone truly needs detoxing, and some people do, they need professional diagnosis and care. That’s outside the scope of my practice, and to date, I haven’t met a qualified sales person, either.

2. Our bodies are constantly changing at the cellular level. Cells die and are replaced every minute. Some cells do this quickly, others very slowly. For example, red blood cells are programmed to die after about 4 months, while white blood cells live only a few days.  But it takes ten years to replace our skeleton. Our renewal process is a moving target. When the cells die, specialized white blood cells called macrophages remove the dead cells by eating them. Our liver helps out by filtering our blood and removing any foreign products and pushing them to the appropriate disposal system.  So we are designed to be constantly self-cleansing.

3. We live in a toxic world. The best we can do is grow top-quality cells. We can’t control everything 24/7, like the air we breathe, traffic, toxic co-workers, but often, we are faced with choices.
So when we have a choice, let’s not put toxins in our mouth, or on our skin, or in our house. No matter how a chemical enters your body, whether you eat it, breathe it, touch it, or rub it on, it’s toxic. It’s sometimes a bit more expensive on the front end, but we’ll save our health and avoid the need for REAL detoxing in the long run.
Unfortunately, today, keeping it clean is a complicated challenge. But that’s what I help my clients do. I teach them how to recognize and manage toxic stress. I help them navigate “out there” to choose the cleanest and best food possible. I supply them with the best organic skin care products because anything we put on our skin is in our bodies in 20 seconds. And I provide products that clean their homes with only water, saving them money and eliminating from their homes some of the most toxic chemicals on earth.

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