Nov 27, 2017 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

When I joined CoreMatters, I was having severe leg pain playing golf, and tennis. I also have had chronic back pain throughout my adult life. …after following the program for just over a year, I got much stronger and all my pain went away. Everything was challenging at first, but over time my form, strength, and flexibility improved.
Before CoreMatters, one round of golf would cause me severe leg pain for a day or two. Last week, I played six days in a row pain-free AND I’m hitting the ball much farther. So happy about that! My back is strong, posture is better, and I have no more pain. I’m 62 years old and feel stronger than I did 10 years ago…..
Thank you CoreMatters for giving me my health back! I’m sticking with it. Al F.