Improve your body’s back and core strength by signing up for small group or personal training at our private studio in beautiful Historic Roswell, GA. The Core Matters unique bodyweight training emphasizes alignment and balance, particularly in the abdominal and back areas.  Core Matters has been doing this for ten years here in Roswell.  We are the experts!

You need strong core muscle groups to support the entire torso, including your organs and your spine. The core muscles facilitate injury-free, free-flowing movement like sitting, standing, bending, walking, running, swinging a racket or golf club, and more.

Most importantly, the core muscles support and protect the spine. Weak core and back muscles lead to bad posture, headaches, chronic back pain, indigestion, respiratory problems, and other issues.

All good personal trainers study nutrition and the latest workout techniques…

…but the best Personal Trainer studies YOU.

Does your trainer spend your training time on his/her phone?

At Core Matters in downtown Historic Roswell, you get 100% of your Certified Personal Trainer’s attention.

And 100% of our education.

Why?  To keep you safe.  But also, with our education, we can customize your workout at a moment’s notice.  Not feeling well today?  Twisted your ankle yesterday?  Feeling stressed?  We won’t guess about what to do. We know what to do.

When you hire us, you hire our time in the classroom and our experience. You can be confident in our program design because we aren’t driven by trends. We know the science. And science gives us the options to make every minute of your training personal and the best it can be.

Our focus on core strength improves your posture and balance. Weight-loss can be a side-effect of training, but to lose weight and to be healthy, food education and coaching is a must.  Add them to your program for the absolutely best results!

SFG Kettle Bells

Our kettlebell program, Pavel Tsatsouline’s “hard style” Strong First (SFG) method, is the best core workout on the planet.  Build muscle and neuro-density to get strong because strength will make you better at everything you do.  Work your kettle bell practice:

  1. As Personal Training in our Roswell studio of strength
  2. As part of the Core Matters Small Group Personal Training program.

First, take our Intro to SFG Kettle Bells Workshop in order to learn the basics.  A consistent kettle bell practice will give your back, shoulders, knees, and core bullet-proof strength!

Personal Training

Your goals are our goals. Whether you want a strong back or core or help with your tennis or golf game, when you hire one of our Personal Trainers for a custom 1-to-1 program, you get results.  Get our undivided attention when you work with us.  Choosing personal training in our private, reservation-only Roswell studio allows you to address your needs on your schedule.  Get the custom program you want, when you want it.

Space is limited. Request your free consultation today!

Small Group Personal Training

Enjoy a group atmosphere but with personal, custom training in our Small Group Personal Training program.  When your workout matches your ability, you get results.

Strengthen your back and core in our most popular program!

Space is limited and by reservation only.

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Studio Classes

Come to our Beginners Yoga class whenever you can because you’ll:

  1. strengthen your body
  2. stabilize your body
  3. relieve and clear your stress

Schedule below or call us at (404) 435-6367.

Create the vibrant, toned, fit body you want with help from our Personal Trainers in Roswell, GA.

CoreMatters is not for everyone.

But if you want to build strength, flexibility and stability through customized core training, we can help.

Your age and level of physical fitness aren’t a concern.  We start where you are.  You only need a desire to develop your body’s core strength and fitness.

We are a small, reservation-only neighborhood studio.  Space is limited.  Call today!

Together, we can figure out the best fit for you.

Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation.