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The Palin debate performance reminded me that we need to respect our limitations.

If we are trying to do something new–a new exercise,  a new yoga position, a new diet–a new job–we need to remember to respect our bodies’ and our minds’ limits.  Just as Palin has stuffed her head full of party-lines and consequently cannot really think about anything for herself, so may we have stuffed ourselves with our latest greatest plan to get healthy, to return to some vision we once had of ourselves.

For example, if we decide to go running and begin with a 3 mile run, our bodies will not be able to digest that challenge.  Or if we tried to hold a yoga pose much longer or deeper than ever before, we may strain a muscle.  We would be disrespecting our current limitations.  We would fail.

But if we gradually, little by little, increase our distance or our stretch every day, we would be able to run 3 miles or stay in plank longer in just a few short weeks–and we would not be injured by it and have to stop.

Palin’s injury came from her glut of undigested information.  Rather than be thoughtful last night, she was just full.  Her entire performance consisted of spilling her party’s message, not actually answering questions.

Our injury, too, would come from not being aligned with our abilities.  This is something we cannot afford.

When we align ourselves with our task, when we are clear about our limitations, when we see where to make gradual improvements, our success happens.

Thanks, Sarah, for the reminder.

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