Are you sick of dieting?

Here’s the real “fake news” in our media—only it’s worse because it can harm your health!

“LOSE UP TO 13 LBS and 7 INCHES overall in your first month!” (NutriSystem)

“LOSE 20 LBS FOR $20!”  (Jenny Craig)

Eat as much bread as you want!” (Oprah Winfrey/Weight Watchers)

Every year, millions of people believe these unrealistic headlines promising unrealistic results.

The problem?  These spokespeople know absolutely nothing about basic human physiology.  But they don’t have to.  They are paid to promote products.

From Weight-Watchers to Phen-Phen, what’s missing?…Science.

Not only are those programs not based on health science, but also they must ignore their own results, because in fact these programs will:

Compromise your immune system

Create hormonal imbalances

Agitate your central nervous system

Cause a decrease in your energy levels

Compromise your metabolism

Create weakness

Add physical, mental and emotional stress

Fail to work for more than a few weeks…And more

The diet and supplement industry is a $68 billion a year business based on failure.

Instead of positively changing your body, “Diet” programs actually make your body much better at storing fat,

You learn nothing about how to eat, what to eat, why to eat, so you need to repeat the “Diet” program

The programs cannot be sustained.

Stop failing!  Learn how to eat–NOT how to diet.

Teach your body to quit storing fat, to repair and build tissue and bone, and to give you energy.  Hire your own food coach to create a program that is unique to your needs.  No app can do that!

Your diet is not what you don’t eat.  Your diet is what you DO eat.

Take control of your food.  Use the science of human physiology and psychology at CoreMatters.

Our Food Matters

Our Food Matters is completely customized to you–your body size, age, height, activity level, and more—not your spouse’s or your neighbor’s or a celebrity’s.

Why?  Because what you eat matters.

Our Food Matters is a month-to-month private program that gives you both an education and the coaching you need–with none of the shame of a group program.

First, you get an education. 

Learn what your body needs so you can choose your own food–-for the rest of your life.

Second, no group shame

Because privacy matters.

Third, knowledge isn’t enough.

Habits must change.

That’s why your trained, certified personal food coach works with you until you’re ready to go solo.

This costs less each month than four weeks of workday takeout coffee!

For more info click HERE.

Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables

Bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat.

Why? Because since starting to take JP 9 years ago, my asthma is nearly gone, I haven’t had the flu, and I am very rarely ill.

While Juice Plus+ isn’t a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables,…

…it is a whole-food based product which can support a healthy diet.

Juice Plus+ products are made from the juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and grains.

Choose from capsules or gummies. If you’d like to sponsor a child, then be sure to ask about the Children’s Health Study!

Clinical Research

Read more about the Clinic Research behind this product. For more info click HERE

Change Your Nutrition Habits

Precision Nutrition is included for all of our full members.

Our Precision Nutrition program is a 90-day online program that gradually educates and helps clients change some of their nutrition habits. Changing habits is hard, so we make it easier–we take it slowly and we keep it simple.

On Board 101

We know more about our cell phones and our cars than our own bodies!

When you earn about your body’s system of systems, and how they are created and supported, then you’ll understand why there is no “one thing”  that makes us healthy and strong.

What is Onboard 101?  It’s 12-sessions of a basic education in how your body really works.  It includes written and video lessons, and it’s mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to use and you can learn at your own pace.

This costs less than a month of workday take-out coffees…

Invest in an education here and you’ll never guess again: