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Let’s take another look at making small changes. This time, let’s put it in context–in a much larger picture.

Imagine your health and fitness 5 years from now.

Assume you continue on your present trajectory…same weight you currently carry…same ratio of sick days to well days….same level of energy you’ve had over the past five years…

Where will you be in five years? Healthier? More fit? Stronger?

To get healthier, fitter, stronger, you’ll need to do something.  And one of the simplest things to do–probably easier than changing your diet–is to start moving. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adjust your eating habits….it just means if you’re having trouble adjusting your food habits, start instead with adding movement to your life.

Find any movement that YOU like to do. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter what the movement is. Do you enjoy dancing? Painting houses? Gardening? Walking? Bicycling? Frisbees? What did you enjoy as a kid? Or just ten years ago? Are your kids at risk? What’s their favorite movement activity? Do it with them!

Whatever the answer, start doing it again. The key will be to do something every day. Anything. For a bonus, get a friend to do it with you. Socializing will make it easier.

So if you add a few steps–say 50–to your life today, by the end of the week, you will have added 350 steps. And that’s as easy as taking the stairs up and down, twice. Or dancing to one song on the radio. And that simple change, that small change, in the big picture–the big five year plan–will add up to 91,000 steps! If we take about 1300 steps in a mile, you will walk 70 miles! And you won’t even notice it.

That’s the true power of making small changes in your life. You’ll do things you didn’t know you could do. One step at a time.