The key to long-term, permanent weight-management – and overall health –  starts with education.  Take this course, and what you learn in 12-Weeks will guide you for the rest of your life. In just 12 weeks (or less!) you will have the knowledge and tools to take control… forever!

Your Course Deliverables Include:

  • Online web page presentation; 12-week structured curriculum
  • 90 Pages of handout documents in .pdf format – Easy downloads
  • 35 Streaming high-definition, video presentations
  • Download .mp3 audio files for your iPhone, Android and all mobile
  • Self-testing with “auto-score” to automatically progress through chapters

Your Course Integrates with Most:

  • Health Club, Trainer, Health Coach and Hospital Lifestyle Programs
  • Corporate Employee Wellness Initiatives (ask us how to bring it to your company!)
  • Registered Dietitians, Sports Nutritionists, and Medical Professional Consults
  • Sports & Athletic Coaches and Trainers Protocol

Let’s Get Started!

This exclusive 12-week weight-management curriculum covers the basics of human physiology.  It explains in non-technical terms how, and why, your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise.

The information is not intended to advocate any particular protocol. It does not promote any products.  It is straight-forward, peer-reviewed information to help you understand how your body really works.