Our Food Matters

“LOSE UP TO 13 LBS and 7 INCHES overall in your first month!” (NutriSystem)

“LOSE 20 LBS FOR $20!”  (Jenny Craig)

Sound familiar?

It’s the real “fake news” in our media — only it’s worse because it can literally cause bodily harm!

Yet, millions of people continue to “eat it up” (sorry for the pun!) because these spokespeople constantly pump out unrealistic headlines. 

It’s obvious these spokespeople know absolutely NOTHING about basic human physiology.  But they don’t have to.  They are paid to PROMOTE and to ENDORSE products whether the products are good or bad.

What’s missing, from Weight-Watchers to Phen-Phen, is science. Random information or chemical manipulation is not the answer.  The human body is a miracle of complexities and works according to clear systems.

Not only are those programs not based in science, they also must ignore their own results, including the facts that the programs will:

Compromise the immune system    Create hormonal imbalances

Agitate the central nervous system    Cause a decrease in  energy levels

Add physical, mental and emotional stress       Fail to work for more than a few weeks…And more.

The diet and supplement industry is a $68 billion a year business based on failure.  Why so much failure?  Several reasons but the big two are because:

1.) “diet” programs actually make your body much better at storing fat and

2.)  the programs cannot be sustained.

Are you ready to do it right?  To learn how to eat, NOT how to diet?

Teach your body to burn fat, repair and build tissue and bone, and be incredibly healthy—while you’re supported by us.  No app can do that!


A diet is not what you don’t eat.  A diet is what you DO eat.  It’s YOUR diet, and yours alone.  When it comes to food, one size does not fit all.

At CoreMatters, you get your custom plan based on your body size, age, height, activity level, and more—not your spouse’s or your neighbor’s or a celebrity’s.

Join our premier program,  Our Food Matters.  This month-to-month private coaching program is an education and a coaching service.  It will teach you exactly what your body needs to thrive and support you so you can eat well–for the rest of your life. Changing habits is difficult.  Make it easier with your own personal coach. For more info click HERE!

Do you eat 17 servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Probably not.  But the phyto-nutrients in fruits and vegetables are essential to good health.  Juice Plus will help you bridge the gap between what you do eat and what you should eat.  For more info, call Ann-Marie (404) 435-6367, or click here to see what the studies say or, better yet, go ahead and order yours today! 

The key to long-term, permanent weight-management – and overall health –  starts with education.  Take this course, and what you learn in 12-Weeks will guide you for the rest of your life. In just 12 weeks (or less!) you will have the knowledge and tools to take control… forever!  Learn more HERE

Our Precision Nutrition program is a 90-day program that gradually educates and helps clients change some of their nutrition habits.  Precision Nutrition is included with all of our packages.