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One Step at a Time

Let’s take another look at making small changes. This time, let’s put it in context–in a much larger picture. Imagine your health and fitness 5 years from now. Assume you continue on your present trajectory…same weight you currently carry…same ratio of sick days to well days….same level of energy you’ve had over the past five

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37 Seconds, Well-used, Is a Lifetime…

That title comes from a movie I watched with my daughter last week, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. (If you have kids, rent it and watch it with them!) While waiting for a clock-store prank to unfold, his co-hort says, “Ok, now we wait–exactly 37 seconds…” To which Magorium replies incredulously, “Wait???  NOOOO!!!–We breathe. We pulse.

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It’s All in Our Heads

Here’s a revolutionary thought:  if our mind can affect our bodies, why can’t our bodies affect our minds? According to Rockefeller University neuroscientist Bruce McEwen, writing in his book, The End of Stress as We Know It, “the mind is so powerful that we can set off the stress response just by imagining ourselves in

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A Question of Balance

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to create balance: physical balance as we move through space and time, intellectual balance as we wade though the reams of information we face each day, and spiritual balance as we answer questions about our own existence. This blog exists as a way

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One at a Time

I was walking the trail behind my house yesterday, and saw the same 40-foot tree dangling along a tiny cliff beside the walkway. Half the soil is missing beneath it, yet it hangs on. And each time I walk by, I’m reminded of all the tiny grains of soil shifting under the tree’s weight, one

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