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Closing The Door

My daughter is driving now. And I feel a door closing. She very happily took herself school shopping this weekend. Only needed me for directions once. Used her cellphone as a grown-up tool rather than accessory. Used her own debit card. Bought a little lunch. Although I saw this coming, I didn’t feel it until

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Why Exercise?

Are you addicted to something? That means you do it regardless of outcome. Like sitting all day and night. Or smoking. Or buying shoes. If you try to stop, to fight your addiction, you’re going to leave a hole, a psychic hole where the addiction used to be. What can you fill it with? Exercise!

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What’s Your Exercise Diet?

Bet you never thought about it that way before…but it’s an important question. What movements do you make on a daily basis? All too often we move from one seat to another. One conveyor to another. We never stretch or reach for anything more challenging than the top shelf. Find out what your diet is.

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Walk It Off

Need a break? Take a walk. In ChiWalking, we walk with mindful attention to our steps. So we get aerobic conditioning with a bonus: meditation. Thinking about a single thing–in this case, what we are actually doing–is meditation. John Cianciosi, writing in the Yoga Journal says, “Practicing walking meditation encourages the development of mindfulness in

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What is it About Diets?

Why do diets fail? I think they fail for 2 reasons: 1. They wrap around the 1300 cal/day model. Guess what? Even models can’t live on that. (Women need about 2100 cal/day; men 2500cal/day.) After 2 or 3 weeks, because your body is quite literally starving, you must binge. That is, you must fail. And

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Do You Fear Change?

Change precipitates change. For example, I bought a table tennis table two days ago, and brought it home to my basement. But, the only room it fits in currently holds the television and sofa. To move the television to another room will mean changing the use of not one, but two other rooms downstairs. See

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Read on…

Ironic that Jagger didn’t think he could get any. He should be the most satisfied person on earth. Why? Cause he never stops moving! Jagger-Unplugged? Overweight? Sedentary? I don’t think so… So why is it that WE can’t get out of our chairs? Simple. It’s our programming. Specifically, our brains’ programming. By doing the same

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Feel the Joy…Ask it to Expand

Are you feeling trapped? In your job, your body, your life? All too often we think life is a wheel in motion, and we are just a spoke, rolling down the road. And just as often, we focus on what is wrong with our lives. Our thighs are too thick, our forehead too large, our

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One Step at a Time

Let’s take another look at making small changes. This time, let’s put it in context–in a much larger picture. Imagine your health and fitness 5 years from now. Assume you continue on your present trajectory…same weight you currently carry…same ratio of sick days to well days….same level of energy you’ve had over the past five

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37 Seconds, Well-used, Is a Lifetime…

That title comes from a movie I watched with my daughter last week, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. (If you have kids, rent it and watch it with them!) While waiting for a clock-store prank to unfold, his co-hort says, “Ok, now we wait–exactly 37 seconds…” To which Magorium replies incredulously, “Wait???  NOOOO!!!–We breathe. We pulse.

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