Sep 16, 2008 / by corematters / No Comments

My poor kids. I’m always telling them to figure it out. Take a look at a situation or a problem, and step by step, figure it out.

For me, the same thing has happened with my health.

Life has gotten busy and  I don’t have as much exercise time as I used to have.

But I know from experience that I need cardio nearly every day to feel good about myself. That’s big. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and success.

And I need some kind of resistance training–even hiking up a hill–to feel strong, another one of my goals.

Creating a successful diet presents the same challenge.  How many calories do you burn each day?  And therefore, how many calories do you really need to eat each day?    Finally, how will you acquire those calories?

You’ll need to consider both your exercise diet and your food diet.  What is your goal?

Work it backwards…and figure it out.