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Has your doctor ever said that to you?  It makes my blood boil.

Someone tells me nearly every month that their doctor said their knee/shoulder/joints/etc. are achy or hurt because they are just getting old. 

Even worsethey’re told to get used to it.


Wait—I’m older than your doctor!

Getting older is a fact, but it’s not a reason for bio-mechanical problems in the body!  I’m stronger and more flexible than I was in my 30s…Hey doc, how do you suppose that happened??  Well, I’ll tell you.

How’s Your Alignment?

Your body’s skeletal system works like the tires on your car.  It’s all about alignment and balance. If the tires are out of balance or alignment, they wear unevenly.  And if you do nothing about it, things in the car will break.

But if you get the tires re-aligned, what happens?  The car stops wearing unevenly. Things don’t break down.  It’s smooth sailing ahead.

Same thing with your body.  If we can get you back to correct balance and alignment and make you strong enough to stay there, then it’s smooth sailing ahead.  At last, your body can get busy repairing itself.

Non-professionals Can’t See Misalignment!

The problem for most people is they can’t see misalignment.  They can only feel it after it’s been happening long enough for things to start breaking down.

That’s where you need a professional.

You wouldn’t take your out-of-alignment car to an oil change specialist or Facebook for a realignment, right?  So don’t take your body to Dr. Google or even to an internist.  Because if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur…

Bio-mechanics Is Us!

At CoreMatters, bio-mechanics is what we do.  Bodies are our wheelhouse.  We don’t spend money on fancy ads.  We spend it on education and our education is all about functional movement.  I’m living proof that alignment and strength rock!  So, if CoreMatters can’t help you, then we’ll know who can.  And you’ll sleep better feeling confident that you’ve finally found the right expert to help you get out of pain and onto the right path.

Come in.  Get your alignment checked today.  It’s free.  Call to schedule: (404) 435-6367

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