Sep 23, 2008 / by corematters / No Comments

I have  a plane ticket that claims I will land at 7:12pm.  Not 7 or 7:30pm, not even the perfectly respectable 7:15pm–no–exactly 7:12pm.

That got me wondering…what’s the science behind this fake precision?  I mean, we all know I’m not landing at 7:12pm.

I guess it’s like me telling a client that today’s cardio will be 42 minutes.  That’s pretty close to the recommended 45 minute mark, and the body won’t feel much difference, but psychologically!–I might as well have said 20 minutes.  The client’s relief is palpable.

Try it.  If you’re going out for a 30 minute walk today, tell yourself it’s only for 26.  And then walk for 26  minutes.   Afterwards, let me know how you feel.  Or how you think you feel…

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